Memorandum - Edward Balcombe (Will April 20, 1620)

Memorandum that Edward Balcome of Balcombe in the Archdeaconary of Lewes and Diocese of Chichester beinge sick in body but of perfect mynde and memoryu the Lorde be thancked having an intent to dispose of such goods God hath possessed him with all or with he might have been indued with by marriage of his wife if it pleased God he had noe longer endured this transitory life.

Did uppon the Twentyeth of Aprill Anno Die 1620 or some other day thereabouts make and declare his last will and Testament Nuncupatively and by word of mouth in manner and forme in effect following viz bequeathing his soule to Almighty God who gave yt him and his body to the earth frome whom it came bee willed and requested and his mynde was that yf Sara his wife as shee had formerly promised and purposed and gave her consent. Did after his decease it pleased God to call him. A little parcell or peece of land which was her owne before marriage betweene them which she then promised and yealded her consent she woud doe if pleased God she lived.

Then he willed Desyred and bequeathed to each of his children namely Elizabeth Balcombe, Edward Balcombe, Richard Balcombe and John Balcombe ten pounds A peece out of the money comyng and arising out of the said land after the sale thereof to be paid to every of them as they severally atteyned the age of one and Twenty years if they lived so long, and in the meane tyme the profitt thereof to redound and bee to theire bringing up All the rest of his goods Chattells and Creditts his debts paid and funeralls discharged he gave willed and bequeathed to his loving wife Sara Balcombe being present at the speaking uttering and declaring hereoft Richard Balcombe and the said Sara Balcombe.

Memorandum proved 20th April 1620 by the oath of Sara Balcombe.