Descendants of Baucom/Bawcombe etc.

No direct connection has been made between Balcom and Baucom, Bawcombe etc. at least not to me. However, I am adding this page to further Baucom/Bawcombe research.

Posted by:
Sharon D. Young
I am searching for ANY information on Charlie Crawford BAUCOM; b. July 8, 1895 in Union County, NC. (no death dates). His parents were: James Allen BAUCOM; b. Oct. 28, 1869; d. Feb. 7, 1929; m. Abigail (Abigale) Elizabeth HELMS on Nov. 16, 1892 by Mr. Isaac Clontz, Justice of the Peace in Union County. Crawford was their oldest son. Was told by a very dear family member that it was heard through the grapevine that Crawford was disowned by his father because hhe joined the military. (am not sure of the whole story behind this situation). She stated that he died in Panama and was buried in Arlington because his father would not accept the body. Another story was that he was buried in Panama for the same reason. I also have the info that he married twice and both wives died during child-birth.  First wife - Belle??.......Don't know name of second wife, or if any of the children survived. (heard a rumor that he has/had a son in either Florida or California but there is no proof).

Just for genealogy's sake, I'll give the names of his other siblings as well:
Effie Loughania(?) BAUCOM; b. March 16, 1897; d. Jan. 7, 1995; m. Nov. 16, 1919 ______ Green
James Broadus BAUCOM; b. June 16, 1899; d. Oct. 13, 1998; m. June 16, 1924 ????????
Cloma M. (do not know what the M. stands for) BAUCOM; b.June 6, 1904; d. Aug. 14, 1906
Duane BAUCOM; b. Oct. 25, 1906; d. Aug. 1, 1990
Newland BAUCOM; b. Nov. 4, 1908; d. May 1986
Judge Allen BAUCOM; b. Oct. 17, 1910; d. April, 1976; m.(not sure of date)
to Mary Ruby Mercer (these are my grandparents).

Posted by:
Eileen Austin
If anyone has any details on the Bawcombe family of West Sussex, I would appreciate knowing about them.

Posted by:
Marietta E. Lewis Cowan
RR#2 Box 462
Beggs, OK 74421
Searching for descendants of Nicholas Baucom, Sr. and also interested in locating more descendants of Moses and Dolly Baucom to be used in the up-date of The Baucom Families in the United States. Any other Baucoms (any spelling) are welcome to be included in the up-date.

1-Moses BAUCOM (-)
sp: Dolly(ie) (UNKNOWN) (abt 1775-aft 1850)
2-Elizabeth BAUCOM (13 Feb 1794-19 Oct 1890) (Perry Co., TN)
sp: Isham QUALLS Sr. (1785-1852)
3-Moses QUALLS (1818-aft 1880)
3-Sarah QUALLS (1820-aft 1900)
3-Thomas Matthew QUALLS (1822-1875)
3-Mary Ann QUALLS (abt 1824-)
3-Lucinda QUALLS (May 1826-1901)
3-Riley QUALLS (13 Feb 1828-5 Nov 1896)
3-Patsy QUALLS (1833-)
3-Hubbard QUALLS (1830-1922)
3-Isham QUALLS (abt 1838-1926)
3-Martha QUALLS (1840-)
2-Moses BAUCOM (abt 1803/4-) (Perry Co., TN)
sp: Sarah (UNKNOWN) (abt 1801/2-)
3-daughter BAUCOM (bet 1825 and 1830-)
3-Aaron BAUCOM (abt 1825-1875) (Wayne Co., MO)
3-William ("Billy") BAUCOM (Mar 1826-23 Jun 1910) (AR)
3-Dolly BAUCOM (abt 1832-)
3-daughter BAUCOM (bef 1850-)
3-Walter Moses BAUCOM (25 Mar 1832-28 Apr 1917) (TX)
3-Anthony Henry BAUCOM (bet 1836 and 1840-bet 1887 and 1900) (AR)
3-Dennis BAUCOM (abt 1838-3 Mar 1933) (AR)
3-Sarah J. BAUCOM (abt 1840-)
3-John E. BAUCOM (abt 1843-)
3-Rebecca BAUCOM (abt 1843-)
3-James Samuel BAUCOM (24 Jul 1840-7 Jun 1928)
2-Dennis BAUCOM (1812-bef 1880) (Perry Co., TN)
sp: Martha E. (UNKNOWN) (abt 1814-aft 1880)
3-Thomas Moses BAUCOM (Nov 1833-bef 1910)
3-Lucie Jane BAUCOM (13 Aug 1834-3 May 1919)
3-Moses H. BAUCOM (1838-)
3-Sarah H. BAUCOM (1841-)
3-Rebecca BAUCOM (1843-)
3-Louisa E. BAUCOM (14 Dec 1845-5 Jul 1909)
3-Esther or Hester BAUCOM (1847-)
3-Dennis J. BAUCOM (Feb 1850-1909)
3-Meredith Myles BAUCOM (29 Feb 1852-20 May 1909)


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