The Will of Alexander Balkcom, Sr. -Attleboro, MA 1702

Abstract of the Will

"To Alexander, oldest son, two shillings in money, which with what I have already given him, is a competent portion. Item - To Katharine Jencks, who is my eldest daughter, thirty shillings in money, which is, with what she has already received from me, a competent portion, and all I think meet to bestow to her. Item - To Sarah Shelding, (Sheldon,) my second daughter, two shillings with what she hath received, &c. Item - To John, who is my second son, - after my own and my wife’s deceace - all my dwelling house, and all my lands with the town of Providence. Item - To Freegift, my third son, two shillings, with what I have already given, &c. Item - I give and bequathe to my five younger children, that is to say, Joseph, Hannah, Sam’l Deborah and Lydia, all the remainder of my estate, consisting of moveable at the time of my deceace, - to be equally divided among them, - to be paid unto them and every of them their portions as soon as they shall arrive at lawful age, by my Executors. And I do nominate and appoint my beloved wife, Jane, and John my second son, to be my Executors to this my last will and testament. And I do hereby desire and impower Joseph Jencks, jun., and James Brown to be overseers to this my last will, &c.




  1. This Will was transcribed from "Genealogy of the Balkcom or Balcom Family, of Attleboro, Mass."
  2. Alexander Balkcom Sr., died May 4, 1711. May 31, 1711, John Balkcom (Alexander’s second son), of Providence, presented the last Will and testament of his father, bearing date Nov. 20. 1702.