Balcom Crest

Balcom - Balcomb - Balcombe

Rootsweb surname list also includes "Baucum, Bawcom, Baughcom, Balkcom, Van Baucom"
No connection to any of these alternatives has been identified as yet.

Frank Wippoch Balcomb spent approximately fifteen years collecting and researching Balcom genealogy. He compiled his findings as "A First Book of the Balcombe Family" which was published by The Fraedy Press, Peabody, MA in 1942.  The book identifies three ancestors, Alexander, Henry and John. No attempt was made to indicate the source, birth nor relationship of the three ancestors.

The web sites for the ancestors is provided to preserve and to share Balcom history. As a descendant you are encouraged to browse through the pages of information that have been gathered.

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